Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Holiday Time

and ironing.

Holiday Time

Too busy lately to blog.

Shopping, wrapping, working, sleeping, eating, cleaning, thinking, planning, washing, shopping, sleeping, driving, shopping, returning, sleeping, driving, working, emailing,replying, shopping, surfing, ordering, returning, rethinking, praying, calling, writing, shopping, sleeping, driving, banking, worrying, rethinking, drinking, sleeping, waking, sleeping, unwrapping, rewrapping, writing, shopping, sleeping, panicing, praying, dieting, eating, visiting, drinking, eating, sleeping, dressing, undressing, dressing, changing,dressing, gelling, curling, staightening, spraying, plucking, applying, removing, visiting, eating, talking, laughing, posing, unwrapping, drinking, eating, laughing, singing.....Ahh the holidays....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nativity Scene Alert!

While driving in Lynnwood yesterday, almost caused 7 car pileup when out of the corner of my eye but what did I see... a Nativity Scene. (It was on a local car wash's property, very visible to passing motorists.) Yikes. In a public place, where people might see it?
News at 11...Driver loses control of her car after being distracted by Nativity Scene. In related news, Congress considering banning all Nativity Scenes along roadways to protect unsuspecting drivers from the sudden shock of seeing this symbolic scene while driving home from shopping for Christmas presents with Christmas trees on top of their cars on roads where Christmas wreaths and banners hang from street lamps in a country, county and city that is populated predominately by Christians who celebrate Christmas.

Link Success!

Took me a while (a long while) but I figured out how to do the Link thing. Hope you enjoy them. The Orisinal game site is sweet. When you've had enough of shooting and blowing things up, check this one out. Turn up the volume, the music is so relaxing.
The Kim Komando website is excellent. She has a syndicated radio show as well that airs on Saturday afternoons.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Girl

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas List-Thankyou for looking.

Practical: Fabric Steamer (Home Depot has one for $30 this week), Commit stop smoking lozenges, black socks (thick or thin for different shoes), book store gift card, Tweezerman tweezers (about $18), Auto first aid kit,, DVD-About a Boy (Hugh Grant), Lowe's Hardware gift card, small Allen key set (or is it Allan? the hex keys), soldering iron for little repairs, set of Craftsman Phillips screwdrivers, picture hanging laser beam.

Practically Unnecessary but always wanted: Plug-in Air Fresheners from Bed and Bath Works-to get rid of smoke smell (the one that has a fresh laundry scent is great-it's called Cotton something), Padded hangars, any type of drawer or closet organizer or air freshner or liner or....,

December 15,05 0520hrs

Giving this blog thing a go. What the hey.